Introducing your new companion

Your social magazine, your choice, your design.

Search, discover, sync, browse and all your favorite articles, youtube video, feeds ans share it with your friends, do it the easiest in the world at your fingertips.

Fuse is unique, fast, powerful, customizable with three themes to take your breath away. This is your application, made ​​especially for you, so do not hesitate try it for free now.

Fuse is designed to meet all your needs, if you miss a feature, please tell us, we will implement for you, this is your application. Warning: wow factor imminent.


Three Applications In One

Fuse has three unique themes for three different user experiences. new themes are already under development and will be available soon for free - Ribbon : displays your feeds in the form of ribbons, for direct access to information - Ipsum : a clear and clean theme based on typography, use gestures to manipulate news - Square : a dynamic and unique theme. Retrieve your news on the move with an unique and visual experience More themes :


Google Reader integration

If you have a Google Reader account, you can easily import your favorite feeds. You can also import your directories in two ways : - a virtual directory that will automatically synchronize with your google reader account - an unified feeds consolidating all items into an unique feed. Finally, Fuse is the only RSS reader to respect the sort your feeds, change it in google reader, Fuse will be automatically updated.


Work Offline

Fuse allows you to use the app even when there is no internet connection. All data and images are stored by the application so you can download feeds online and use those later when you are offline. You can navigate among groups, feeds, subscriptions and view articles in preview mode without connection.



FacebookWant to share your articles with your friends? No worries, we take care of that. Type your message and we'll do the rest. tweet TwitterShare and react easily to the articles or favorite videos with your friends on twitter. We take care to shorten the links for you. QR CodeWant to share a link without internet connection? No problem, Fuse can easily generate a QR-Code for it. E-mailShare your favorite items by mail simply and quickly.

Try It

The trial version is fully functional and gives you access to all features of Fuse except that sometimes settings is removed. Support us by purchasing the full version if you like Fuse.

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